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What you need to know about us
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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to find out more about our Karate classes.
As Glendenning’s first Karate School, we have been instructing since 2000 with 11 classes, our most recent dojo opened at Doonside (2008) and Quakers Hill in 2007, as well as a young children’s program aimed at 2-5yrs called the Tiny Tigers (Glendenning).
Kyoukei Goju Ryu Karate's head instructor and founder is Sensei Marty Bodsworth  (Training since 1983, teaching since 1991), Sensei Scott McIntyre Sho Dan (Blackbelt) is a senior instructor, Sensei Amber Farebrother Sho Dan (Blackbelt) teaches the Tiny Tigers program and Sensei Felicity Long teaches at Doonside.

Our club is a member of Meibukan Goju Ryu International, The International Martial arts Alliance and the Australian Federation of Traditional Karate. Sensei Marty and Scott are also members of the Japanese Karate Federation in Japan. All instructors have recognised grades and all are senior first aid accredited.
Our classes focus on traditional Japanese, our instructors and student attend numerous seminars (Karate and external) every year so you can be assured that we are only teaching the correct and latest techniques. We also incorporate the Okinawan weapons called the Sai, Bo, Bokken and Katana (sword) into many of our Kata (forms) from Brown belt onwards.

Regular training is a must for students to be able to learn at a steady pace, Karate will instil in your child qualities such as respect, self esteem, dedication, and discipline and through Karate your child will also learn leadership skills by taking a responsible approach to teaching lower graded and younger students under the guidance of club instructors. As a parent, our students rely on you to get them to class, we also rely on you to ensure they get to classes on a regular basis, this allows the student to learn at a steady pace. A student that comes one week and not the next two and does this constantly will never learn what they need to know and it reinforces the lack of dedication needed to complete a goal.

As a beginner (white belt) a student will learn the basics like stances, strikes, blocks & kicks, you will have an assistant instructor help you through the first few lessons.
We sell a wide range of equipment like Karate suits, club patches, sparing mitts, mouth guards, club bags, club shirts, Key rings & shin protectors. Ask your instructor for a price list/order form. Proceeds from sales support the club.

We also enforce a strict code of discipline while students are training. [We recommend our training manual for $25.00 containing all rules & handy information] We find that the values we try to teach can be used outside the Dojo as well.
We insist that junior students (under 16yrs) are never to leave the main hall or enter the kitchen area without permission from their Sensei (Instructor) this is for their own safety.
We do employ safe work practices to ensure student and instructor safety, these can be found on our web site and attached to our newsletters.

Gradings are normally held 3 times a year. You can only attend if you fulfil the requirements set out by your instructor like attendance, progression & knowledge. Only then will a student receive an invitation to a grading. This ensures that those that try hard have a fair go.
To be eligible to attend a grading and test for the next belt, a student MUST attend 70% of classes.
Once a student is graded they will be allowed to train for the full 2 hours (Glendenning at no extra cost) and they will be allowed to start Kumite (Sparring) A mouth guard & gloves are minimum requirements although shin & forearm protectors are recommended.
Our club owns a variety of equipment, we have safe work practices in place for each piece. We also have body armour and helmets for students to use if required. Students do not start using weapons until they reach Brown Belt or have previous experience.

Parents are welcome to stay & watch their children from our waiting area, we do encouraged you to join the class with your children. We find they enjoy it more and learn faster.
Like School, as part of our training program we insist students practice safely at home (Homework).  We ask that parents encourage and help with this.

Each year we hold several tournaments that our students can participate in, usually spectator entry is a gold coin and we donate this to a community charity, last year Glendenning Dojo made a donation to the Mt Druitt Emergency Department Paediatrics ward and the year before Westmead Children’s Hospital. We also have a Karate camp at the end of every year; all students and their families are encouraged to attend.
The Glendenning Dojo holds an end of year Xmas party and mini fun tournament for its students on the last class. All food and drink are supplied.