History of Karate
Kanryo Higaonna

Born on March 10, 1853 (most popular. other dates are march 3, 1853. march  10 1866) in Naha the capitol of Okinawa.
1869 (1874) Travelled to china & became Uchi Deshi of Grand master Ryu Ryu ko for the next 13 years, During this time he also become
prolifant with weapons & Chinese herbal medicines.
1881 Returned to Naha & began privatly teaching his style of Naha-te.
1902 Began instructing 14 year old Chojun Miyagi, (eventual creator of Goju-ryu)
1905 He opened his first public class at the Naha commercial  high school.
Passed away December 1915 aged 63.

Chojun Miyagi

Born April 25, 1888. in Naha, Named Matsu Miyagusuku (later changed to Chojun Miyagi) Father was Chosho (Mother unknown)
1902 At the age of 14 began his Karate training with Master Kanryo Higaonna & studied with him until His teachers death in 1915
1930 Created the name Goju-Ryu (meaning "Hard & Soft School"). It is believed that he acquired the name from a Chinese text
called "BUBISHI" in it a line reads "Ho Goju Donto" (The way of inhaling & exhaling is hardness & softness)
1931 Introduced to Gogen Yamaguchi
1933 After many hard years of teaching at places such as Kyoto University, Ritsumei Kan University & Kansia University, Karate was finally
registered at the Butokukai (centre for all Martial arts in Japan) & as such meant that Karate was now recognised with other great martial arts like Kempo & Judo.
1951 Awarded Gogen Yamaguchi his 10th degree Blackbelt
Passed away on October 8, 1953


Gogen Yamaguchi was born at Kagoshima on the 20th of January 1909, His parents were Tokutaro (merchant/school
teacher-superintendant) & Yoshimatsu. he was one of ten children
In his early school days he studied the art of Kendo & at the age 12, he started his life long study of Karate.
1929, at the Shinsengumi post in Mibu, Kyoto he founded the first Goju Karate-do school
1931 was introduced th Chojun Miyagi
He studied law at the Kensei in 1928 & ritsumeikan University from 1929 to  1937 where he received his law degrees, While studying at the university
he started the University Karate club & created the free sparring form, the club quickly developed a reputation for hard traing & feirce breathing techniques (ibuku)..
Between the years 1938 to 1945 he was sent to Manchuria as a Government administrator, during the Russian-Japanese war that only lasted a short time, he was
taken prisoner of war (1942) & was sent to a prison labour camp in Mongolia for two years.
1945 after his tour of duty was completed he returned to Japan & Established Zen Nippon (all Japan) Karate-Do __(GOJU STYLE KARATE)___ and
founded branches and exercise halls all over the country.
1950, he founded the national organisation of All Japan Karate-do __(GOJU STYLE KARATE)___ in Japan.
1951, he received his 10th degree Blackbelt from Chojun Miyagi.
1964, As a result of his hard work over the years at unifying all stlyes of karate, the All Japan Karate Federation was formed.
1969, he was awarded the Blue ribbon medal by Emperor Hirohito.
May 20 1989 Passed away leaving a great legacy
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