Sensei Matt White has been training with Kyoukei Goju Ryu for over four years, during that time he has participated in numerous competitions, usually way above his rank at the time, he has become well know for winning those events over competitors that are much higher in ranks and experience.
For the last year he has been the Soto-deshi (Apprentice student) of Head instructor Sensei Marty, learning the ins and outs of how to run and teach Karate to students of all ages, while training at least 3 times a week.

2010 Senior under Brown belt male Kumite                       2nd                
2010 Male U/80kg Koshiki                                               2nd         
2010 17years and over 10-5kyu male Kumite                    3rd         
2011 17years and over 4-1kyu male Kumite                      3rd          
2011 17years and over 4-1kyu male Koshiki                     3rd         
2011 Blackbelt open Koshiki                                             2nd        
2011 Kobudo                                                                    3rd         
2011 Male 6-4kyu Kata                                                    1st           
2011 Male Blackbelt Kata                                                 1st          
2011 Male 6-4kyu Kumite                                                 2nd        
2011 Kobudo team event                                                   1st         
2011 17years and over 4-1kyu Kata                                  3rd         
2011 Kobudo                                                                    3rd         
2011 Attended seminar featuring Paul Ceberano Kyoshi                   
2011 Attended Seminar featuring Akihito Yagi Kyoshi (from Okinawa)
2011 Represented NSW at the Melbourne interstate tournament
2011 Under Brown belt Kata                                              1st        
2011 Under Brown belt Kumite                                           1st        
2011 Under Brown belt Koshiki                                          1st         
2012 2 weeks training in Japan                                                         
2012 Senior male open Kata                                                3rd       
2012 Senior Male 3-1kyu Kata                                            1st       
2012 Senior 3-1kyu Kumite                                                 2nd      
2012 Male open Blackbelt Kumite                                       2nd      
2012 Senior Kobudo                                                           1st        
2012 17years and older 4-1st kyu Kata                               1st        
2012 Blackbelt open Kata                                                   2nd       
2012 18years and older male 4-1kyu                                   2nd       
2012 Attended Seminar featuring Tetsuhiro Hokama Hanshi (from Okinawa)
2012 Attended Seminar featuring Akihito Yagi Kyoshi (from Okinawa)

Matt White Sensei
Instructor Hassall Grove Dojo
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