Camp Facts

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Friday - Instructors and organisors will arrive at 4pm

Campers can start arriving from 5pm

Location: Fels ave Springwood (see map page)

16 rooms with 3 central bathrooms. (site map and pictures included)
Purpose built facilities with disability access.
Dining room with fireplace, meeting room, games room with open fireplace, large BBQ area with shaded seating, large recreation hall with full-sized basketball court and a large climbing wall, Swimming pool with disabled access and campfire area.

Common areas we use are to be kept in a tidy/clean state.

Blue Gum Lodge is available fully catered only, including morning tea, afternoon tea and supper. For weekend bookings, catering commences with supper on Friday night and concludes with lunch on Sunday.
Important - If you have an allergy to food, you must fill out a dietary requirement form and return it ASAP, those that indicated allergies to food on their medical forms will have this information passed onto Bluegum Lodge catering for special meals if needed. If you have indicated an allergy, please be vigilant in monitoring your food and ask if you are unsure to avoid problems.
You will need a karate suite (or two) if doing Karate or games etc, loose clothes, swimmers and or floaties etc (if allowed to swim) sensible shoes in case you go for a bush walk and you regular personal items like towels, tooth brush, clothes etc.
Swimming not permitted without a Senior First Aider and instructor present.

 Some activities being planned are:

*Friday night – setup, relax and movie.
*Cross campus training session
*Basic bo use and game time with modified noodles (e.g. Parents vs kids) Sai basics and kata - bring your bo or Sai for training.

*Bag pushing for all ages (parents welcome to have a go)
*Full contact demo with fully suited competitors.
*Mini tournament (Sunday) with prizes for junior and senior winners, depending upon weather, mats may be set up outside for mini tournament.

*Awards night (Saturday night) for all clubs, and movie and or disco?
*Kata and kumite seminars (outdoors and or indoors)
*Physio ball soccer, parent’s vs kids or club vs club??
*Swimming and water games.

 ·  We MUST bring our own linen, (beds are single bunk size beds) Pillow slips, sheets, blanket/doona etc and towels (extra charges apply for linen if supplied by Bluegum lodge)
Also bring along a water bottle to keep hydrated during activities, sunscreen, hats etc.
First aiders will be available at all events all weekend.
Friday night, pizza will be ordered for dinner at about 7:30pm
Rooms have been strategically organized to ensure head instructors are evenly spread out amongst the camp and to try to accommodate families with cabin size and location to toilets etc. Space has also been set aside for equipment.
All damage to property must be paid by the persons/family responsible, Kyoukei Goju Ryu Karate will not accept liability for reckless action.


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