Sensei Elicia has been training with Kyoukei Goju Ryu for over eight years, during that time she has participated in numerous competitions, usually way above her rank at the time, she has become well know for winning those events over competitors that are much higher in rank and experience.
Sensei Elicia and her husband who also trains in our club are the proud parents of three young children.
Sensei Elicia helps out with most classes and is currently training for her Nidan.
During her first pregnancy she trained with our team in Okinawa (with her Doctors approval), she is truly motivated in whatever she sets out to do.

2009 Senior 10-5kyu Kumite                                            3rd
2010 Senior 10-5kyu Koshiki                                           1st
2010 Senior 10-5kyu Kumite                                            2nd
2011 Senior 6-4kyu Kata                                                  1st
2011 Senior 4-1kyu Kumite                                               2nd
2011 Kobudo team event                                                   1st 
2011 Attended seminar featuring Paul Ceberano Kyoshi  
2011 Represented NSW at Melbourne Interstate tournament
2012 2 weeks training in Japan     
2012 Attended Seminar featuring Tetsuhiro Hokama Hanshi (from Okinawa)
2012 Attended Seminar featuring Akihito Yagi Kyoshi (from Okinawa)
2013 Shodan Ho

2015 Shodan Kyoukei Goju Ryu

2015 Shodan , Ceberano Goju Karate
2016 Official at the Kyoukei Goju Ryu annual tournament
2017 Seminar by Kyoshi Paul Ceberano
2017 Official at the Kyoukei Goju Ryu annual tournament


Elicia Symes Sensei
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